Indulekha: Cabinet Member!

Hi! My name is Indulekha. I go to Adams elementary school in Eugene, Oregon. My platform is EVR. EVR stands for every- every child deserves health care. E – stands for educate. We need to educate people because some people do not know that children are suffering from not having medical care. V – stands for volunteer. We need volunteers to help raise awareness about this issue. We also need volunteers to help get petition signatures. R – stands for roll out the initiative. We need an initiative to pass a law for free health care.

Secretary Fagan, Indulekha, Honorable Retired Chief Justice Paul DeMuniz of the Oregon Supreme Court
Secretary Fagan, Indulekha, Honorable Retired Chief Justice Paul DeMuniz of the Oregon Supreme Court

Going to kid governor Lea’s inauguration was a fun experience. I enjoyed seeing the capitol and getting to listen to everyone speak. Although I did not say much, I was very nervous before I spoke. I definitely had the butterflies. I loved hearing about everyone’s platforms and I especially enjoyed Emerie Martin, the old kid governor, speak. I liked the quote she said that Thomas Jefferson said “I enjoy the dreams of the future better than the history of the past”. I also enjoyed hearing kid governor Lea’s speech! When I think that I’m a cabinet member I feel so lucky to get this opportunity! I am so exited to get to go through with my plan and to get to help the other cabinet members and kid governor Lea go through with their plans. I know that there is going to be lots of challenges ahead of us but I know that with the help of each other we can make it happen!!

Welcome Kid Governor Lea

When my teacher said that there was an election for Oregon kid governor, I knew I had to try. He shared with us some of the videos from past students and I just loved how kids like me wanted to make a difference. I believe that it doesn’t matter how young or old we are, we can all make a difference.

The program asks us to think of a community issue and a three point plan on how we can help solve it. I decided to do bullying because I have been bullied before and I don’t think that anyone should feel like that.

I decided to do some research and find out the percentages of kids that have been bullied. It’s crazy and a little disappointing that 1 out of every 5 students reports being bullied and 75% happens in the classroom. WOW! I know that we can do better. We can definitely focus on being more kind.

So for my plan, I knew that I wanted to focus on our classroom relationships and specifically focus on how we can be better classmates. But then, I also thought that learning to be kind doesn’t happen in school, but mostly in our homes.

So my Three point plan is:
1- Write weekly notes to each other in the Classroom
2- Have a classroom Kindness Helper
3- Do daily acts of Service at school and in your home

I turned in my video the night before it was due. I was just nervous because I didn’t know how many kids in our school had done it. I really hoped people would like it! When we were voting for our school videos, I was so nervous. So many kids participated and their videos were really good. I waited a couple of days and then I was so happy that I won for my whole school! I couldn’t wait to tell my family.

Over the next couple of weeks, I was so anxious because it was time for us to hear from the State and see if I had made the top seven. Every day, I kept asking my parents if they had heard anything. I’m pretty sure they were getting annoyed that I would always ask. Haha Well the day came and while I was eating lunch with my friends at school, my teacher got an email saying that I got in the top seven!!! I was so excited and happy. My friends were so excited for me as well.

After making it to the top seven, the time came that we had to vote. All the videos from the candidate were amazing. Their platforms and ideas were so good. I was just so excited that we would all be working together as cabinet members.

A week or two later my school was having an assembly. As I walked in the gym room, I wondered what kind of assembly this would be. I had no idea this was about Oregon Kid Governor. When the screen turned on and the words Oregon kid governor came on, I was scared and anxious. Then the news segment announced the winner and the whole gym blew in screams. I was so happy. I was the next Oregon Kid’s Governor!!!

My mom, dad and my siblings were there. That made me so happy! They were sitting right in front. Then I looked to my right and I saw my aunt, uncle, my nana, papa and my grandma and grandpa. It made me so happy that they took time out of their day to see me get elected.
I’ve never heard so many claps, screams, in my life. My whole school was so happy for me.
My principal spoke, our Superintendent spoke and then we heard from our Secretary of State Shemia Fagan. She said that Thousands of students had voted for me. Like, what???? Something that stuck with me is that she said that “ You are going to change kid’s lives”. WOW! We have such an important role in this life and yes, we can either change lives for the better or for the worst. So let’s try to do better and change lives in a more positive way.

After her speech it was my turn. I was shaking! My whole school was so happy for me. They were chanting, screaming the whole entire time.

I’m just so grateful I have this opportunity to serve. I’m grateful for my teachers & their encouragement & support. My family, my classmates, the Oregon’s kid Governor program and all of you who believe and know that kids can make a difference.

Can’t wait to make a change!
• Lea