Request an Interview or Appearance from Kid Governor and cabinet members

Requests for interviews with or appearances by Oregon Kid Governor and Cabinet Members must be submitted through this form.

We ask for your patience as all requests undergo thorough a rigorous review by Oregon Kid Governor staff, teachers, and the students’ families. All requests must be non-partisan.

We will consider if the request:

  1. Best aligns with the platforms of the Oregon Kid Governor and/or Cabinet Members and moves their three-point plans of action forward.
  2. Shares the platforms of Kid Governor and Cabinet Members with their primary constituents: Oregon 5th grade students and teachers (secondarily, the kids of Oregon).
  3. Raises awareness of the Oregon Kid Governor program

Complete the form with detailed answers to ensure we have the information needed to determine whether or not Kid Governor and/or a Cabinet Member can participate in your interview or event. Interview requests must include the specific questions that will be asked.

Remember, Kid Governor and cabinet members are 10- and 11-year-old students balancing family, school, and campaign commitments. Not all requests will be approved. Requests must be submitted at least one month before the event/interview date.