Cabinet Member Guest Blog: Gwendolyn -Help Stop Climate Change

Gwendolyn cabinet memberHello, I am Gwendolyn, I am in the Kid Governor cabinet. I ran on the issue of climate change. Climate change (also known as global warming) is caused by CO2 (carbon dioxide) being released into the atmosphere, creating a layer that traps in heat. Some ways that CO2 is released is by using gas cars, big factories, cow fart, etc, etc. If we don’t lower our use of carbon dioxide soon, our planet will become an inhospitable place.

When I ran, I ran on the three point plan ECO, E for educate, teach people of all the things climate change can do, C for clubs that would help stop climate change through the little things, O for organizing events like fundraisers.

I go to an IB school and as part of being an IB school when you are in 5th grade you do a project to help solve a problem in the world you see. I chose climate change and with the help of a friend, I made a slide show about climate change and also made cards to hand out with 7 ways to help stop climate change (below).

7 Simple Ways To Help Stop Climate Change:

  1. Don’t leave water running for too long. Turn the sink off if not using it. Also try to shorten showers.
  2. Turn off lights you aren’t using. If you leave a room, check that the light is off.
  3. Don’t use plastic. Try to reuse plastic bags. You can use plastic take-out containers for tupperwares.
  4. Reuse scrap paper and just overall use less paper.
  5. Plant a tree. Every tree counts.
  6. Carpool, ride a bike, take a bus or train, or walk.
  7. Educate others. Tell them of the horrors of climate change.

We then shared it with the school, giving away the cards with the 7 small ways to stop climate change.

Thank you for listening, and remember this world needs your help, so help it, even if it’s in small ways.


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