Cabinet Member Guest Blog: Kinley

Hi, I’m Kinley, and I am a Cabinet Member for the Oregon Kid Governor 2022.

When I heard about Kid Governor, I immediately wanted to do it. But I couldn’t decide on what my platform would be. I thought over the weekend and talked to my family about my options. I finally settled on my platform and typed up an essay on my three point plan; my CAN do method!

My school figured out who gets to represent our school by every fifth grader who wants to write an essay. So I got out my computer and pulled out a chair. I spent almost all of my day typing. My dad worked in the kitchen and helped me correct some errors. When I finished and thought of my three point plan I turned it in. I decided on the platform of reducing food waste.

Compost. Composting is where you take foods and let them decompose, instead of throwing them in the garbage. This can create soil for our gardens.

Any leftovers? Instead of throwing away your leftovers, save them for later! This is something we CAN all do.

Need. Only buy what you need. Take a list to the store and only buy the necessities.

Later we got the results of who got to do it. Me!

Soon after I met with my teacher and we made the script for my video. She had two people, Mr. Bart and Mr. Quinn, film my video. It was really fun, I even got to use a green screen. We filled out paperwork then sent it in! And that’s where the waiting began.

It felt like years before the results were in, but when they were I was excited but also sort of sad. I found out that I was an Oregon Kid Governor Cabinet Member!

Now at my school, we continue to compost and use my three step program. We have two fifth graders compost every week, they take compost buckets from the classrooms and lunchroom, then dump it in our compost bin.

This month my teacher, Ms. Kulm, and I started a contest. Anyone from my school could take a picture of them composting at home and send it to Ms.Kulm or I. We got 5 kids by the end, (Not too many participants) and we couldn’t decide who should win. So instead we gave them all a fruit and veggie basket!Plastic buckets filled with vegetables sit on a classroom table.

I also created a slideshow showing our participants, which you can find the link to below:
Link to slideshow on Vimeo >
The title is not about composting, but we couldn’t change it (sorry).

And that is how I became a kid governor cabinet member, and what I’m doing to help! I would also like to give a big congratulations to Emerie! Great job!

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