Club Be You: Indian Culture

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A few weeks ago, we had another Club Be You meeting. It was our first meeting after schools re-opened. In that meeting, we learned about the Indian culture.

We had spent hours researching about the Indian Culture and we couldn’t wait to present and discuss it to all with our Club Be You members.

The meeting started and as kids joined, it felt awesome. I was even more happy to see that my 5th Grade teacher Mrs. Seawell could also join us. Seeing lot of familiar faces calmed down my nerves. Without wasting anytime, we started with the presentation that we had prepared.

While researching and talking to families, I got to learn a great deal about the Indian culture and was so fascinated about all the cool facts of the culture. India is one of the most ethnically diverse cultures in the world.Slide from presentation showing music and dance of India

What fascinated me most is that from East to West and from North to South of India, the culture changes a whole lot including food, language, attire, music, dance etc. All of that contributes to make the Indian culture really varied and vast. We learned about sports as well.

Slide from presentation showing sports cricket and field hockey of India

Foods in the Indian culture have great diversity and Indian cuisine is not one but combined taste of different food from all across the Indian subcontinent. In fact all the states and union territories have its own typical cuisine which is the expression of the local ingredients, spices and cooking methods brought together as its heritage. I have learned that the average Indian recipe has numerous ingredients.

Slide from presentation showing food from India like butter chicken, dosa, Palak/Saag Paneer, pani puri, Gulab Jamun

India, being a culturally diverse society, celebrates many holidays and festivals. Most of those festivals are very vibrant and celebrated with a lot of pomp and enthusiasm bringing people closer. One of the families whom I talked to said that Indian festivals say that Life is a celebration. That thought has stuck with me.

Slide from presentation showing holidays and traditions of India such as Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Holi Festival of colors

Fun fact: Did you know that Vanarsi in India is the oldest surviving city in the world.

We had a kahoot as well and it was enjoyed by all participants.

Screen shot of Taneesh and Club Be You members playing a Kahoot game.

Once the presentation was over, comments and discussions followed. Indian culture was a delightful topic to learn about. There are also links in the presentation to some of the culture’s most popular food.

Please see the presentation of the Indian culture here, and if you find some time, please read through it.


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