Kid Governor Leadership Summit

Hello everyone, in June, I had a leadership summit with the other Kid Governors, their cabinet members and my cabinet members. I was so excited about the meeting and it was everything I thought it to be and more.

It was 10:55 AM and I was getting ready to log on to the leadership summit. I was pretty nervous but excited to meet everybody.

Soon it was time. I logged on and saw the other Kid Governors and some of the coordinators of this wonderful Kid Governor program. Soon Brian Cofrancesco introduced himself as the head of the Kid Governor program.

In the first session, Rese (Connecticut Kid Governor), Charlie (New Hampshire Kid Governor), and I were only meeting. Brian gave us “would you rather” polls, to get to know each other better. Some of the questions were really funny like “Would you rather have moose antlers or cow horns.” Brian asked us why we chose what we chose. It was a very entertaining and fun game. This game was a good ice breaker and put us all at ease.

Kid Governor Leadership Summit

I learned so much about Charlie’s and Rese’s platform and the wonderful work they have been doing.

Rese’s platform is Be Positive: Pandemic Perseverance. Visit her website page HERE, watch her campaign video HERE, and read her blog HERE.

Charlie’s platform is Childhood Depression. Visit his website page HERE, watch his campaign video HERE, and read his blog HERE.

After that we asked each other questions such as “what was the most interesting thing you have done till date.” I answered the questions as best I could. Then we got a 5 minute break before our cabinet members came.

As I turned my video off and muted I thought  “That was a very interesting session. I couldn’t wait for the next session.”

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