Mexican Culture Club Be You Meeting

Hello everyone

June 2 was another big Club Be You meeting. We had a record breaking number of participants.

First and foremost, once again I would like to say a big Thank You to our wonderful core team who helped me research and create these presentations to share with the whole club. I would like to thank everyone who joined. Thank you for supporting Club Be You and me.

We thought of the idea of having a raffle to bring in more participants so that this learning reaches many many more kids and bingo it worked. Every participant was automatically entered into the raffle. As the raffle wheel spun everyone was waiting in suspense and excitement

We learned about the Mexican culture this time. Mexican culture is rich, colorful and vibrant, influenced by its ancient civilizations. The customs and traditions are varied and diverse. I was so fascinated to learn all about Mexico while I was researching.

PowerPoint slide with photo of man playing guitar and man playing xylophone

Food is a reflection on a person’s upbringing in the cultural melting pot of America and becomes a great way of bringing people together over a table, whatever the location or occasion may be.

PowerPoint slide with photos of salsa, spanish rice and other Mexican foods.

We also researched about sports. That is something that interests all of us.

PowerPoint slide with photo of a foot holding a soccer ball and a man in a bull fight.

Fun fact: Did you think that Egypt had all the pyramids? Well actually the largest pyramid is located in Mexico.

At the end of the presentation, we organized a Kahoot as well which was really fun for everyone. The kids were all very excited about the Kahoot and it was a tight race.

Screen capture of Kahoot game with some of Mexico's instruments

It was an interactive session with lots of questions too. We had kids in the meeting from the Mexican culture and they helped us answer a lot of questions as well. Together we are always stronger.

Please see the presentation of the Mexican Culture here, and if you find some time, please read through it.
If you want to join Club Be You, email See you next time


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