My Animal Supply Drive

I recently hosted an animal supply drive at my school for Greenhill Humane Society! It was a lot of fun to prepare for it because I got to work with my classmates and make posters to put around my school. I also went to several classrooms and gave short presentations about the animal supply drive. We were all very excited about it, and after the presentations and seeing our posters, other kids were too!

During the first few days of the supply drive I walked by the collection bins and was very excited to go check them and see if there was more donations in them. Every day the amount grew by a couple toys, to a couple cans of food, to big bags of food, beds, treats, and even pet clothing. The first bin got so full, we had to add a second one! Each day brought more and more excitement!

When the drive ended, we loaded up all the donations and drove them to the humane society. Megan, who I mentioned in my last blog post, was there to meet us and asked if I wanted to help her introduce a dog for our local news channel’s Pet of the Week. Once we finished filming, we sorted through the donations and we also got to sneak over and visit the rats.

A few days later I heard from Megan and found out that we had collected 60lbs of cat food, 150lbs of dog food, three cases of canned dog food, three cases of canned cat food and numerous pet beds, toys, treats and more!

Honestly, my first supply drive was so much fun, and it was pretty successful, so I’m sure it won’t be my last.

-Emerie 😁

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