Oregon Humane Society and state fair

Emerie and Sharon Harmon stand in front of the Oregon Humane Society building.At the end of August I had an incredibly busy day. It started with a tour of the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) in Portland, OR. I first met the CEO of OHS, Sharon Harmon. She gave an exceptional tour of the facility. I was shown where they house the cats and dogs, the pet cemetery and I was even able to go see the new edition they’re building on to the humane society.

Emerie and Sharon Harmon talk in a hallway at the Oregon Humane Society

I learned that OHS isn’t just a place for animals to stay until they’re adopted, its much more than that. Currently OHS offers training and behavioral help for any dog or cat owner and several community outreach programs such as classroom education and summer camps. OHS also offers high-quality and affordable veterinary care through their community veterinary hospital.

Emerie and Sharon Harmon on the sidewalk in front of the Oregon Humane Society building.

One area I thought was very cool and goes right along with my platform is the animal crime forensic center that is part of their expansion. This area will help collect and analyze evidence against animal abusers to help secure a convention against them in court. An animal abuse conviction isn’t always easy to get, so with the right tools from this lab, it’s going to make it slightly easier.

I ended the day by walking around the animals and hanging out with the Secretary of State, Shemia Fagan, at the Oregon State Fair!Shemia Fagan and Emerie at the Oregon State Fair in the exhibit for the State Archives.

Love Emerie 😀

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