Recognition at BSD Business Meeting: December 16th, 2019

December 16th is my parents’ wedding anniversary! We usually go out for dinner to celebrate but my little sister Taara goes to bed pretty early so we had a quick celebration at home that evening.

Raaga BSD Meeting 1

December 16th, 2019, was also a special occasion for me because that evening, I got to attend Beaverton School District business meeting! When I arrived there with my mom, I saw district superintendent, Mr. Grotting fondly holding a little baby that looked to be the same age as Taara! Someone later told us that he was simply holding someone’s baby while his mother was participating in the meeting that evening. It was very cute to see Mr. Grotting going the extra mile, :).

Raaga BSD Meeting 2

The meeting started with the pledge of allegiance, which I was excited to lead! It felt awesome to begin the proceedings of a meeting attended by my school district board members, educators, and my school principal! Board member, Ms. Ann Bryan, introduced me to everyone and briefly described about my winning the Kid Governor elections. I then had the opportunity to give a speech during which I shared my background:  what inspired me to host fundraisers and help the homeless and how I became Kid Governor. Click this link for my speech at that event.

Raaga BSD Meeting 3

Superintendent, Mr. Grotting and Board Chair, Mrs. Becky Tymchuk, presented me with a certificate and congratulated me for my accomplishment. I left the meeting feeling proud and motivated to continue to make my school board proud with my academic, civic, and philanthropic endeavors throughout my school years.

Raaga BSD Meeting 4

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