Royal Rosarians Newsmaker Award: January 30th, 2020

The first event I got to attend as Oregon’s Kid Governor, was the newsmakers award night hosted by the Royal Rosarians of Portland on January 30th, 2020. It is an event where Royal Rosarians honor some of the past year’s heroes and heroines in our community. I was very excited when I heard that KPTV sponsored me to be the newsmaker of the year for their channel!

On the night of the event, one of my mom’s friends did my hair and my grandma gave me a pretty necklace to wear. I arrived at the Double-Tree hotel with my parents, all dressed up! One of the Rosarians, Mrs. Mary Getty, is actually one of the 5th grade teachers at my school! She escorted us to our table, where we were joined by Mary Beth and Debra Gill from KPTV. Our school district superintendent, Mr. Grotting, our principal, Ms. McFadden and vice-principal, Ms. Heslin, were all at a table next to us and stopped by our table to show me their support! We enjoyed a nice dinner- the chocolate cake dessert was my favorite!

Raaga Royal Rosarians 1

After the dinner, the Rosarians announced the newsmaker award recipients. There was a pediatric nurse that helped make boxes of love for babies that go to foster care. There was a couple that helped their neighbor in a wheelchair get out of their burning home. There was a couple that spread awareness for suicide prevention with their signs of hope. Every single newsmaker’s story was inspiring!

Soon, it was my turn. First, KPTV’s Debra Gill went up to the stage and introduced me to the audience. She played the KPTV news clip on the screen that was aired on the night I was announced as Oregon’s Kid Governor. Then, it was time for me to head to the stage and answer a few questions Debra had for me. The prime minister of Royal Rosarians then presented me with the Newsmaker medal and certificate.

Raaga Royal Rosarians 3

I felt very fortunate to share the stage with some of the most incredible community members that night and receive such wonderful recognition.

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