Cabinet Member Guest Blog: Phebe

Hi, my name is Phebe and I was a final candidate in the 2024 Oregon’s Kid Governor Election. I’m now a member of the Kid Governor’s Cabinet working with 2024 Kid Governor Zoya!

I ran on a platform of saving our endangered species, such as the rusty patched bumblebee. I chose this issue because I already knew how bees that nest underground were endangered, and bees are vital to our food supply. I want to keep our ecosystems healthy, so this is why I ran for Kid governor. My three-point platform is:

  1. To inform teachers and children on the nature around us and encourage schools to take students on more nature hikes.
  2. To create a save the bees, save our food sources committee.
  3. Successfully run a fundraiser and donate the money raised to the Oregon Bee Project.

Get Outdoors, It's Spring Time

Since the Statewide Election, I have made a flier for my first point and have taught my classmates about my experience at the inauguration. I will continue to work on my platform by running a penny drive at my school, Pacific Ridge Elementary.

If you would like to support my platform, you can share my flier and donate to my future fundraiser. Download flyer

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