Surprise Announcement

The Day I found out that I was Oregon’s kid governor (11/27/23), started out like any normal day. My mom was fussing over my clothes and hair, but she always does that. But little did I know that the reason that she was overdoing it was that she knew that I was Oregon Kid Governor, even though I didn’t. The true wonders began in school. Right when we got to school our first instruction was to look on the whiteboard (where our schedule is). That day, the schedule was changed. Instead of math, library assembly was written in black marker. Though I had no idea what that meant, I was delighted in missing math.

When the library assembly came around, rumors were swirling around the 5th grade ranging from a guest lecture to learning about how to behave in the library. A look of confusion passed on mine and my classmates faces as we saw various camera crews and people crowded in the library. As we took our seats, one of my friends suggested that maybe they were here for ORKG.  Startled, I realized that this was the week when I was supposed to find out if I was ORKG. My heartbeat faster and faster as the Deputy Secretary of State, Cheryl Myers, stood on the podium and gave a speech. And then suddenly my own face flashed on the tv. Then someone was saying that I was the next kid governor. The roar that filled the library was so loud that I could not even hear the announcer. My parents emerged from behind a bookshelf. I blundered through my speech, still in shock. When I finished my speech, Superintendent Dr. Gustavo Balderas gave a very inspiring speech. After that my friends swarmed me, and I could barely breathe. But they did have to leave to go to the classroom. I, however, had to stay while a tv station interviewed me, and I was so scared my knees were trembling.

When I got back to class, I found out that my teacher and my parents had known that I was the kid governor for 2 WHOLE WEEKS, and they were not allowed to tell me. I was a little bummed out when I found out that I had not missed math, but I was so happy that it didn’t matter much to me. The day went on as normal, but at recess all of my friends came to me and hugged and congratulated me.

When I got home my parents were jubilant, even though they already knew. My parents let me choose where we went out to dinner; I chose Olive Garden. We don’t usually have dessert at restaurants, but since it was a special day my parents got a cheesecake. At the end of the night, I felt so happy and nervous. I was looking forward to the future and all the amazing opportunities it would bring.

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