Cabinet Member Guest Blog: Elle

Cabinet member ElleMy teacher came and told me that the Beaverton Valley Times, a local print and online paper, wanted to interview me. I was so ecstatic, I got my first chance to make a difference!

What questions were asked?

The reporter was very nice, she asked me questions about the Kid Governor Process (i.e. the steps I took to get on the cabinet) and also about my dog and my favorite books. She also asked me about what I hoped to accomplish with my life.

Were there photos?

There were a LOT of photos, it was kind of hard to have a straight face when someone is crouching at your feet, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP! But my mother is a professional food blogger, author, podcaster, and runs an online magazine, so I’m kind of used to just standing there while having your photo taken.

What do I hope people get out of it?

It was really cool to be interviewed about being on the Kid Governor Cabinet and about my three-pronged plan to protect Oregon oceans and waterways, because a lot more people could be inspired by the Kid Governor program, and also want to help with my platform by cleaning up beaches and waterways.

What was the result of it?

One of the results was that an organization, called the Beaverton Education Foundation, reached out to my teacher, and said that they would be willing to give me some money to work on achieving my platform. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to use it for, but I think it’ll be donating to some smaller nonprofits, and having experts come to schools to talk about how we can save the oceans.

It was so cool to see how one thing led to another and then led to another, because when I was chosen to be in the cabinet, I didn’t know how I was going to make a difference. Getting into the cabinet made it so I got an interview, and then the interview led to the donation! Here is a link to the interview if you want to read it. Now I don’t want to be droning on, so I will get to the point, strive to achieve your dreams even if you don’t think you can.

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