Cabinet Member Guest Blog: Kaavya

KaavyaMy goal as part of the 2024 Oregon Kid Governor’s Cabinet is to reduce Oregon’s plastic waste and use it to make items that people use every day. Then we can also start replacing single use plastic items with alternatives that are better for the environment. My plan to do that is to work with an organization called Terra-Cycle to make all of the schools in Oregon a public pickup zone for plastic waste. With Terra-Cycle, I can create fundraisers for schools by collecting plastic waste that a Terra-Cycle worker will come pick up! With your plastic, your school can earn an average of $420 that it can use for better school supplies! While we have the fundraisers, I would also like to hold an event for parents and 5th graders to teach younger kids about plastic pollution and why we need to stop it.

Next, I will talk to a group of Oregon’s legislators who are trying to do the same thing that I am trying to do with plastic, and they can help me with my next several goals! First, I would like them to help me set up a meeting with some of Oregon’s recycling companies and other plastic reducing companies such as Terra-Cycle, so I can talk to them about my campaign! Then, I would like them to help me create an after school group to go around their towns to pick up plastic! I would also like to talk to them about maybe passing two different laws in Oregon. The first law would be to have these plastic fundraisers every year within schools, so new generations of kids and parents can teach and learn about plastic pollution! The next law would be to ban single use plastic items that are bad for the environment. Then we can start using either metal items that are reusable or single use natural items that are better for the environment.

As part of 2024s Oregon Kid Governors Cabinet, these are the goals that I hope to achieve during my one year term!

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