Raaga at her laptop to join a zoom session

Trip to New York!

Raaga at her laptop to join a zoom sessionSocial isolation can be very boring, right? Imagine if you could travel across the country and meet some new people, while staying safe and in quarantine. Well, we all know that that’s not possible! However, on Friday, May 1st, I got to do just that! I had the amazing opportunity to call into the zoom session of a Fifth grade class of Lorraine Elementary in Buffalo, New York, and talk about my experience of being Oregon’s Kid Governor. It definitely is a silver lining of the pandemic. If it weren’t for COVID-19, such an adventure would not even cross my mind!

screen capture of participants in zoom session with RaagaIt was really nice of Ms.Costanzo, the fifth grade teacher to invite me to talk to her class. It was a special occasion, because Mary Beth Herkert grew up in Buffalo, and she and Ms. Costanzo had known each other practically since birth. Ms Costanzo was very warm and welcoming. The students in her class were just like any other fifth graders doing online lessons- asking questions, goofing around, and going about their day.

Ms Costanzo showed her class my campaign video, and then let me introduce myself. I gave a brief description of how I heard about the kid governor program, what it takes to become one, and what I have been doing in my role as kid governor, especially during these unprecedented quarantine times.

Later on, the school principal, Mr Banks, also joined the meeting. He was very impressed with my work and I felt proud describing my three point plan. I got a chance to ask the students some questions and interact with them. I also answered some of their questions, and, before I realized, it was almost the end of our meeting. We parted after agreeing to do this again in future and keep Ms Costanzo’s class updated with my accomplishments as Oregon’s Kid Governor. Another thing I was excited about was that they offered to send me one of their school t-shirts. Raaga sitting at desk in front of laptop.

I got to travel, make some new friends, and soon, will be bringing home a souvenir! I’d say that this was one amazing trip across the country! Just like that, I knew exactly what cause I would be hosting my next fundraiser for! Lorraine Elementary, Buffalo, New York!

This is Oregon’s Kid Governor, signing off, :).

6 thoughts on “Trip to New York!”

  1. I enjoyed reading your virtual journey to Newyork!! Your perspective is commendable. I like the flow in your writing .

  2. Raaga, I’m very proud of you for the work you are doing as Oregon’s Kid Governor. Oregon should be honored to have such a caring individual represent them and helping the community. Keep up the good work.

  3. Raaga,
    I like the way you kick off your adventurous ride. Love the way you express your experiences through your writing! Good luck with your future endeavors and I can’t wait to see what awaits you in the future, congratulations!

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