Not even a Pandemic can slow down Oregon’s Kid Governor!

Raaga Mandala, Oregon’s 2020 Kid Governor hasn’t let the pandemic or virtual school stop her from working on her issue – Transitioning the Homeless to Permanent Housing and her 3-point plan of Learn – about homelessness; Love – how to show kindness by having a fund drive, clothing or food drive, or simply giving a homeless person a smile; and Legislate – write to your legislators with ideas about how to help the homeless. Raaga has held 2 fundraisers since becoming Kid Governor – cooking traditional Indian meals and has raised $6000. She has interviewed a state representative and state senator on how 5th graders can communicate issues to them, and is currently finishing up her lesson plans on homelessness. If that is not enough, Raaga has been interviewing a number of people from all walks of life to learn about how they got into their careers. We hope you enjoy these videos!

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